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I have always found myself juggling my family, my job, and my health. The most important thing that I seemed to put last, was myself. Now that I have learnt how easy it is to unwind, I regularly take myself off on short overnight hikes and this restores the balance in my life. I love how escaping to the bush makes me feel back in touch with myself, improves my mindfulness and makes me a much better mum and wife.

Having learnt where to go, how to enjoy safe bushwalking and doing all of that really close to home has meant Ive been able to help lots of other equally stressed and busy people to find some balance and recharge restoring harmony to their lives by just taking short, well facilitated hikes. My love of the Australian bush grows more and more with each passing season and I just cant wait to share it with you.

I never used to be able to schedule any time for myself to think, relax, set goals or just escape from the busy life I had created. I forgot about me. I believe that too often we undervalue ourselves. We suffer from a lack of self-esteem, or worse still we have low self confidence.

I work with people from all spheres of life (young and old, male and female) and often the one common denominator is a lack of self-care. Self-care; knowing when to stop and celebrate your current life.

Getting a little breathing space on the trail allows you the time in which to consider your futures goals and plan on how to achieve them. Sometimes it just allows you the time to rest. Being "unplugged for a weekend without any distractions allows one to reflect, grow and change - as required.

I have learnt that with a practical, realistic plan and the ability to change the status quo without upsetting everyone around me, I can break away for short periods, re-focus my life and make small changes that deliver big results.

Attending a ½ day seminar or hiking up a mountain may not seem like a big deal, but you know what, sometimes it only takes a small, but well intentioned moment to rediscover just how fabulous you are. Sometimes we are so afraid of failure that we fail without even having tried something first.

Barry Crump said, “Never tell them you can’t do a thing. Get stuck in and have a go. By the time they find out you’ve never done it before, you’re doing it. “– Hang on a Minute Mate, 1961

Join me on a short walkabout or a longer expedition and discover your world, your time, yourself and your adventure within.

To enjoy some highlights of our adventures and the work that we do nationaly and internationaly check out our videos on Vimeo or look at our pictures here

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An “uMemulo” Journey In Zulu tradition, when a woman turns 21 and has not disappointed her family or brought their name into disrepute she receives uMemulo from her mother in recognition of her successful passage to maturity.

This ceremony signifies that the woman is now READY. Our fully facilitated and supported short journey offers woman of all ages and fitness levels the opportunity to rediscover themselves in a natural environment free from the everyday noises which invade our lives. The uMemulo experience is designed for maidens who need to be appreciated and want to appreciate others. This opportunity is about women celebrating themselves and their uniqueness and taking time to pause, reflect and re-energise. Are you READY? Contact us today!


“By all means look before you leap. Your problem is that too often you forget to leap.” – Bob Jones National Business Review 16 November 1977 Ningi Ventures offers short to medium overnight hikes in and around Western Australia and some Eco Adventures in Borneo, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Participants are encouraged to keep a journal and track their progress giving themselves the opportunity, if desired, to create a personal action plan to achieve goals.

• 2 Day 1 Night fully facilitated and catered overnight Hikes - Bibbulmun Track

• 5-7 Day facilitated hands on /working trips to Malaysian orphanage project or Borneo conservation project.

• 5-7 Day Explore Journey to Vietnam including Mekong Delta trips/Halong Bay

• 5-7 Day Explore Journey to Phnom Penh- Killing Fields, Siem Reap Angkor Wat Temple tours


“Management is about handling complexity. Leadership is about handling change” “The biggest tragey in this world is the number of people who get up each day locked out of the opportunity to achieve their full potential.” - Nigel Phillips

We also offer ½ day seminars which give participants a clearer understanding of Change and the Dynamics of Change as well as practical hints and tips on how to motivate sustainable change in life, business relationships etc. The seminar can be attended prior to going on an overnight hike to support that journey or as a standalone personal development short course. ½ Day Seminars “The Dynamics of Change” – Rockingham and Perth CBD

Learning and Work Exploration - Career Fast Track Support

Caroline Marshall is a licensed and accredited provider of Careers Fast Track Assessments and Reports, this proven system has helped thousands of people to succeed.

• We will build you a personalised resume that will help you get your dream job, even if you haven't had much work experience.

• You will complete an online personality profile which helps you understand yourself better and gives you some clarity around which direction to go in.

• We help you to identify your personality strengths and match those strengths to a career pathway that will suit you.

• We will teach you practical strategies to find earn/learn opportunities in your field of interest.

• You do the assessments online and then have live one on one feedback with our consultant via skype and facetime saving you time and money.

Call, Txt or inbox me now to get your Profile and Resume sorted. 0450223969 Caroline Marshall info@ningiventures.com.au or www.facebook.com/ningiventures

Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. --Harold B. Melchart

EventsUtilising venues large and small we cater for every audience.

Facilitation Training - Leadership Team Hike
SOLD OUT - We are sorry this adventure is fully booked, please contact us if you are interested in more information
The First Hike Project Migrant Men’s Youth Hike
We are sorry this adventure is closed to the public, please contact us if you are interested in participating in a similar adventure!
Enjoy a week long adventure working and exploring Malaysia
To take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity submit your details below or email, info@ningiventures.com.au
  • Caroline helped me by getting my confidence back after being made redundant. The result was a glowing resume that resulted in numerous job interviews
    Alison Lewington
    I had the pleasure of joining Caroline and her team for a 2 day walk along the Bibbulmun Track. Caroline's team looked after everything from the equipment and food to safety and companionship
    Cynara Stalenhoef
  • Caroline’s interactive, half-day “Creating Change” seminars are more than a standard self-development course, or motivation program. They provide real advice about how you and/or your business can get on track and become more successful.
    Andy Wahid, Vice Chair - Outdoors WA
    There is no shortage of enthusiasm in what Caroline does. She is honest, direct and thoughtful in her advice and assistance
    Annie Vee
  • Over the past five years, Caroline has led a group of ten like-minded professional ladies, of which I have been one, along the Cape to Cape and Bibbulmun tracks, a very special experience
    Kallia Goodson, Rio Tinto
  • Caroline Marshall INSPIRES! Her pure zest for life together with her planning and organisational skills will kick-start your inspirations towards achievement. Thank you Caro, I am better for knowing you
    Tim Fisher, Zebra Innovation
    A Ningi Ventures experience will leave you with a real sense of personal achievement. Everything that the Ningi team will take you through will be a positive life experience
    Nicola Squires

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